VICI JOUR offers a broad range of PEEK tubing products with strength and chemical resistance properties that make it an ideal replacement for stainless steel in multiple applications.

PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) tubing has become the stainless-steel replacement of choice for multiple applications. It has the strength required to withstand continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting, and is not affected by halide salts, high-strength buffers, or other aggressive mobile phases that corrode stainless steel. The polymer surface will not leach metal ions into the eluent or extract metal-sensitive components from the sample.

VICI JOUR offers a broad range of PEEK tubing products:

Striped Color PEEK For easy identification of the ID, a color-coded stripe is added to the outside of the tubing (so dye never contacts the fluid stream inside). Solid Color PEEK To easily identify the ID of your peek tubing, each ID is coded with a different color Dual-layer PEEK An outer layer of color-coded PEEK provides easy identification of the ID, while an inner layer of natural PEEK ensures that stream contents never come in contact with coloring agents. Natural PEEK Available in ODs from 360 microns to 1/4", in custom lengths (priced per meter) and pre-cut lengths of 1.5, 3 and 10 meters. Thermo-formed PEEK

VICI-Jour offers thermo-formed PEEK tubing in a variety of geometric shapes, to meet your specifications.

PEEK Tubing Tolerances

Tubing OD OD (±) ID (±)
360 µm 0.025 mm 0.013 mm
1/32" 0.025 mm 0.025 mm
1/16" 0.050 mm 0.025 mm
1/8" 0.075 mm 0.075 mm
1/4" 0.100 mm 0.100 mm