Premium Stainless Steel Tubing

Part Number #JR-TSS105-M1.5

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VICI Jour pre-cut Type 316 stainless steel tubing is cut to square, burr-free ends. It is steam cleaned to remove both organic and inorganic contaminants. Softener-free PE caps are used to prevent any contamination during shipment and storage. Color-coding makes it easy to identify the tube ID.

  • Pre-cut regular SS tubing (see below) is 1/16” available in the lengths most commonly required for HPLC system
  • Flexible pre-cut tubingis made of 1/32" premium grade stainless with laser-welded 1/16" ends. Refer to the Flexible Pre-cut Tubing page for product information.
  • Pre-cut tubing for Micro LC has 1/32” OD with IDs of 50 and 75 microns.

  • 1/16” in lengths commonly used for HPLC
  • For zero dead volume connections
  • Cleaned and ready to use
  • Soft annealed OD for easy ferrule connections
  • Color bands for quick identification

Pressure rating varies with ID; the minimum is 365 bar (5,300 psi)

Tubing ID Volume / Length Conversion Chart

Learn more about Type 316 stainless steel and other metals used in VICI tubing. Properties of Metals

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