Magnum Series Syringes & Replacement Parts

The detection of low levels of various environmental contaminants can require extraordinarily large samples. Magnum syringes hold up to 500 ml to facilitate the trapping of such samples in remote locations. A built-in valve allows the sample to be sealed within the syringe, maintaining sample integrity during transportation to the analysis site.

VICI Precision Sampling Magnum Series products include:

  • Magnum Syringes With Standard Needles, 20 ml – 500 ml capacity [Link to Magnum product page]
  • Magnum Syringes With Luer Lock Needles, (20 ml – 500 ml capacity) [Link to Magnum product page]
  • Magnum Syringe Replacement Needles and Components [Link to Magnum Replacement Parts page]