Safety, VICI, Waste, Multi, and Eco Caps

Working with mobile phase solvents often requires the use of caps to prevent evaporation into the air and ensure worker safety, prevent waste, and increase the reproducibility of chromatographic analyses. VICI Jour provides a complete range of caps and cap kits to meet the needs of LC laboratories:

  • Safety Caps : built-in stopcocks easily cut off the liquid stream, and colored fittings help identify different streams

  • Safety Cap Kit : kit containing a GL45 safety cap with fittings, safety bottle, PFA tubing, and mobile phase filter

  • VICI Caps : safety tested DIN50, GL38, GL45, and S40 VICI caps with color-coded ¼-28 fittings.

  • VICI Cap Kits : a basic GL45 bottle kit, or more extensive Gradient HPLC kit

  • Waste Caps : multiple types of waste caps for 1/8” and 1/16” tubing

  • Multi Caps : caps to fit multiple sized mobile phases or waste bottles and canisters

  • Eco Caps and Eco Cap Kits : a competitively priced alternative to sparging and deliver mobile phases including tubing and filter, also available as a bottle kit.

A third party laboratory tests all VICI Jour caps to verify performance: Safety Cap Test Report

A third party laboratory tests all VICI Jour caps to verify performance:Safety Cap Test Report