Easy-Flange Combi Kits

Part Number #JR-201539

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The Combi kit includes all the contents of the Easy-Flange Kit plus a length of 1/8" PTFE tubing, PPS nuts, and polypropylene rings in two sizes.

For perfect flanges, the Easy-Flange flange-rolling tool is suitable for PTFE and PTFE-like tubes with OD between 1/16" and 1/8". The tool forms the flange by applying a mechanical force—no heat or electrical power required.

The kit also includes flanging discs in six sizes, a starter length of 1/16" PTFE tubing, and a carrying case

The quality of a flange made with the VICI Jour flange-rolling tool is superior to other methods, since the tubing is not stressed by heat, and because the specially designed negative conical profile of the flange-forming part yields an ideal shape for optimized sealing properties, free of contamination.

Description Product No.
Easy-Flange Combi Kit JR-201539
Includes: Flanger and distance gauge JR-201532
Handle JR-201540B
Flanging discs
with: 0.5 mm Stainless Steel pin for PEEK tubing
0.8 mm Polymer pin JR-201541
0.8 mm Titanium pin JR-201554
1.3 mm Polymer pin JR-201536
1.3 mm Titanium pin JR-201537
PP nut 1/4-28, flanged, for 1/16" tubing, pkg. of 10 JR-201094WH-10
1/4-28, flanged, for 1/8" tubing, pkg. of 10 JR-201580BK-10
Polypropylene washers JR-201926-10
For 1/8" tubing, pkg. of 10 JR-201928-10
PTFE Tubing 1/16" x 0.75 mm ID x 3 m JR-T-4036-M3
1/8" x 1/16" ID x 3 m JR-T-6800-M3
Clean-Cut tubing cutter JR-797
Plastic box JR-201540L
Description Product No.
Flanging disc with 1.0 mm polymer pin JR-201662
Flanging clamp pair JR-201531

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