Pressure-Lok Syringe Features

Our unique Pressure-Lok® Syringes are designed with multiple features for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of use:

  • PTFE plunger tip
    Plunger tips are fabricated of PTFE, stress-formed by our own special process to ensure a leak-tight seal. The self-lubricating plunger tip stays smooth for the life of the syringe, with none of the freezing up or residue build-up associated with conventional all-metal plungers.
  • PTFE-sealed needle
    The standard needle attachment includes a barrier sleeve or packing of PTFE on the rear of the needle at the zero point. This isolates the sample from the needle cement, preventing possible dissolution of the adhesive or contamination of the sample. Many of our models are also available in a Luer-tip version.
  • Ultra-smooth bore
    Glass syringe barrels are fabricated from high quality borosilicate glass, manufactured to precise specifications. The extremely smooth bore prevents undue wear of the plunger tip and ensures a smooth, durable seal.
  • Quality control
    Careful quality control in production ensures the precision of Pressure-Lok syringes.
  • Easily replaceable parts Depending on the specific model, some or all of the wear parts can be easily replaced, extending product lifetime and optimizing your equipment investment.
  • Shaped rear flange
    Our syringes typically have a rear flange to provide a secure grip while in use and keep the syringe from rolling when set on a surface.
  • Low dead volume
    Every syringe model is designed to minimize or eliminate dead volume.
  • Crisp, clean graduations
    Our marking methods ensure that reading the sampled amount is easy.