Sure Guard In-Line Filter Kit High Pressure

Part Number #JR-0611-SS05

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VICI Jour Sure-Guard disposable in-line filter offers an easy and inexpensive way to protect valuable columns against fines and particles. They are easily connected directly to any column, with an inlet for 1/16" OD tubes and 10-32 threads. Sure-Guard filters can be changed in seconds without tools.

Advantages of Sure-Guard Disposable PEEK Filters:

  • Minimal hold-up volume
  • Disposable filter guard
  • Titanium (biocompatible) and stainless-steel frits, permanently pressed in place
  • Two porosity options


We recommend 2 µm frits for columns with 5 µm or larger particles, and 0.5 µm frits for smaller particles.


Polyethylene frits are designed for single use only.


Properties of Polymers

Properties of Metals

Part Material




Stainless steel, titanium

  • 0.4 mm bore
  • 10-32 female to 10-32 male threads
  • Pressure rating 350 bar ( 5000 psi)

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