Pressure-Flo Syringes Replacement Packing

Part Number #220344

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The Pressure-Flo® high-pressure syringe is a tried-and-true method of extracting homogeneous high-pressure samples from a cylinder or "bomb". The calibrated needle has a wire plunger to displace the sample, and PTFE packing to seal it in, permitting injection of the sample directly through the GC septum inlet for convenience and simplicity.

The body of the syringe is lightweight for easy handling. It houses a special crimped PTFE packing that seals firmly at pressures in excess of 500 psi even under severe operating conditions. Threads allow the syringe to attach to a cylinder via special bomb adapters.

When the syringe is screwed tight, the cylinder valve is opened and the plunger is depressed, extending the needle into the liquid zone. Once a sample is drawn into the syringe, it is stored pressure-tight while the cylinder valve is closed and the syringe is removed from the adapter.

To inject the sample, the nose of the syringe is pressed very firmly against the septum to form a pressure-tight seal. (This requires a minimum 1/8" hole in the septum cap.) As this is done, the pointed tip of the needle punctures the septum. When the large handle is pushed in, the needle containing the sample is inserted into the injection port without any loss of contents.

Bomb adapters are available with these fittings (NPT):

1/8" female, 1/4" female, 1/8" male, and 1/4" male.

Sample size

Part Number

.5 µl


1 µl


2 µl


5 µl


10 µl


Bomb Adapters

Fitting (NPT)

Part Number

1/8" female


1/4" female


1/8" male


1/4" male


Replacement needles are available and replacement components include:

  • Plunger Assembly
  • Plunger Packing
  • Front Packing Assembly

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