Micro-Flo Syringes

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For hard-to-handle volatile liquids and liquified gases, the Micro-Flo® high-pressure syringe prevents evaporation of lighter components under normal laboratory temperatures at atmospheric pressure. The syringe is encased in metal, with positive PTFE seals and positive plunger stops.

A special locking cylinder adapter and yoke assembly ensure the syringe contacts the sample liquid in its pure, undisturbed state. The front end houses a special micro-volume annular needle with less than 0.5 µl dead volume and a positive mechanical Sample Lock valve to seal in volatile materials at up to 500 psi. The syringe volume is variable from 0.5 µl to 5.0 µl. The hexagonal-shaped rear flange prevents rolling.


  • Annular .028" x .006" x 1.875" needle, side port, tapered, open end
  • Metal casing with PTFE seals
  • Maximum pressure 500 psi (liquids only)
  • Variable volume from 0.5 µl to 5.0 µl

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Replacement components include plunger assembly, front packing, barrel and decal, rear washer, and spring. Replacement needles are also available.

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