Valco® High Pressure Stainless Plugs and Caps

Part Number #ZC.5

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Tubing OD

Use a plug to close off an unused port in a valve, manifold, or HPLC column. The standard stainless plug consists of a zero-volume nut with a ferrule made from a piece of solid rod.

Use a cap to close off a tube that already has a ferrule and internal nut. A cap is essentially a piece of hex stock with a zero-volume fitting detail machined into it, minus the through-hole.

For more information on stainless steel, refer to Properties of Metals

For 1/16" and 1/8" fittings

1/16" plug Type 316 SS
⅛” plug Type 303 SS
Caps Type 303 SS

1/16" 10-32


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