PEEK HT One-Piece Hex-Head Fitting for use over 5,000 psi

Part Number #JR-5520N-10

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Tubing OD
Thread Size

These biocompatible fittings are machined from special PEEK-HT TM for better pressure resistance than standard PEEK fittings. They are in one piece (no ferrule required) and come with a handy tightening tool.

For more information on PEEK, refer to Properties of Polymers and Chemical Resistance of Materials.

For 1/16” and 1/32” OD tubing

Material: Special natural PEEK-HT TM

Pressure rating: When used on stainless-steel tubing

OD Bar Psi
1/32" 625 9,000
1/16" 700 10,000


1/32": 6-40

1/16": 10-32

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