A-Series Syringes

Part Number #010025

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The design of the A-Series syringe eliminates carrier backflushing enabling sharper peaks and better separations in GC and LC applications. The plunger design and the very small internal diameter of the needle helps to eliminate dead volume. These syringes offer:

  • Integral sample storage valve that’s activated by simply turning the nosepiece
  • Positive rear flange stop to prevent the plunger from blowing out of the barrel at elevated pressure
  • Modular construction that allows all components to be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning or replacement
  • VICI Precision Sampling’s unique Pressure-Lok® features including a PTFE plunger tip and needle and an ultra-smooth bore.

  • Removable needles, bevel, open end
  • PTFE plunger tip
  • PTFE-sealed needle
  • Maximum pressure 250 psi
  • Suitable for gases and liquids

  • Replacement Parts including needles and other components [Link to Replacement Parts page]

  • Why do VICI’s Pressure-Lok® syringe features make a difference for your application?

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